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Your 'supposedly fixed' roads are bumpy, how can I sleep? - Akufo-Addo jabs Mahama

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2018-07-11 23:05:45
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Your 'supposedly fixed' roads are bumpy, how can I

As president and in power your duty is to fix what's not been fixed, and not blaming passed governments for not fixing them, it's your turn do what you can do for Ghanians to see not only with your mouth I will fix I will do we are going to do or fix, it's becoming too much talk empty talks time is not waiting for you do something action speaks louder than words blaming past government won't buy you votes this time you are in charge of government only your deeds will count we know that one government cannot solve all our problems at a time so you should also do your best and let Ghanians judge for themselves the ball is on your side so play it well and stop the blame game it won't work only your actions will count this time Mr president, next time say we have done this or we have fixed that no more we will do or we will fix the we will fix I will fix is getting too much

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Re: Your 'supposedly fixed' roads are bumpy, how c
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