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First cattle ranch built to address Fulani menace – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Fulanis are causing trouble everywhere

God bless our homeland Ghana..
2018-07-11 09:18:26
Comment to:
I hope it is not for fulanis

These fulanis are more than terrorist my bro..i don't know y our weak-minded politicians are entertaining these fulanis..they hv no mercy on human lives..fulani man has no value for human..they even value cattle more than human lives..fulanis are the reasons Nigeria is not having why are u entertaining them..nana addo u should hv given them a choice to build the ranch themselves or they leave our motherland..fulanis are not Ghanaians yes..afterall gh will survive without their useless cattle..u pamper fulani man now and later he pounce on a lion..God save our motherland from the evil one..amen

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07-11 02:20
Fulanis are causing trouble everywhere
God bless our homeland Ghana..
07-11 09:18