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Government sets up award scheme for chiefs - Djamazi

Comment: Let us provide alternatives rather than

2018-07-07 15:28:31
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Government sets up awards scheme for chiefs - Djam

It is unfortunate we see wrong in any statement make by a leader we do not support but refused to leave alternative way of getting the problem solved.
Our environment and waters are polluted, Chiefs have been tasked to put in all effort to reserve the situation, we all accept this menace was implemented under their "very eyes". Do we think we can resolve these issues without their active participation?
I learnt that a motivated person would put in extra effort to achieve result.
The country is for us the youth, let us engage ourselves in healthy politics and discussions and bring on board alternatives than insulting people who in their personal lives have achieved much and willing to enhance the gains of the country.

To GhanaWeb, kindly do due diligence in getting the Ministers' name correctly. Thanks and God bless our Motherland Ghana.

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Let us provide alternatives rather than
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