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Ghana Beyond Aid is attainable – US

Comment: Perfect NPP

2018-07-05 19:55:47
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Ghana Beyond Aid is attainable – US

No need to do anything special. Since Nana is doing better than NDC, thatis the new African standard.
So long as Ghanaians can see that Nana is doing better in governance,no need to advance, because we are satisfied that NPP has already outperformed NDC, there is no need to make further progress. All that is needed is NPP is beeter than NDC in economic activity, better than NDC in choosing EC chairman, better than NDC in selectively giving only NPP members the ID card so that NDC voters can be easily disenfranchised,
better than NDC in providing NPP Ghanaians better jobs, and better than NDC in frustrating opposition, and not involving them in anything, and better than NDC in dividing the nation.
We just need NPP to be better than NDC and all development will fall from the skies. And we need Nana and his tribesmen to rule Ghana forever not rotting Ewes and incompetent rotting Pepefuos

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07-05 18:59
Perfect NPP
07-05 19:55