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‘Delays cost the nation money’ - Osafo-Maafo cries out

Comment: Omafo Safo is a serpent!

sir typical
2018-06-26 11:07:29
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Re: ‘Delays cost the nation money’ - Osafo-Maafo c

As for the rot, it is all over the place. YOu have seen delays as part, Mr. Omafo. Squeezing you children, concubines and cronies into public positions to burden the state financially takes a different tur for you; they qualify and are Ghanaians. We dont need your theories of reasons we are here.. We see your corrupt nature and feel that the solution is just having upright people in office.
I used to have profound regard for Akkofo Addo but after hearing how Ken is entrenching himself to take all contracts and fixe his wives and children in govt positons makes me realise the devil is too close to home!

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06-26 02:35
Omafo Safo is a serpent!
sir typical
06-26 11:07