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Criticising Akufo-Addo crude, unfair – Central regional Minister

Comment: Mahama will not agree with you, Nana

NDC on-site the Factory.
2018-06-18 10:55:05
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Criticising Akufo-Addo crude, unfair – Central r

John Mahama will jump at President Akufo Addo’s neck and accuse him of stealing or plagiarizing his project if Akufo Addo makes the mistake of touching the Asutsuare Sugar Factory. According to Mahama and the NDC any project they initiated while in power belongs to them even when they are out of power. So why should President Akufo Addo spend monies generated during his tenure on projects Mahama and the NDC claim as their own. Going by Mahama’s argument, Akufo Addo must leave all projects initiated under NDC rule to be completed by the NDC when it is able to recapture power in future. There is no point touching those projects be cause the NDC claims they are its own and will accuse Nana Addo of trying to steal their project if he even tries to complete them. The Chief must therefore address his concerns to John Mahama, the owner of Comenda Sugar Factory.

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06-18 09:59
Mahama will not agree with you, Nana
NDC on-site the Factory.
06-18 10:55
Paa tachie Amsterdacm
06-18 12:04