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Okyehene, Asantehene union: 'I'm proud' - Gabby


2018-06-17 16:45:54
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Andrew A

Too much noise has been made to distinguish Asante and Akyem, but in fact both are Adansi under the skin. They are both descendants of Adansi who spread out to cover their present abodes.

The whole ugly noise going on is the title Okyehene which conveys overlordship of all three Akyem subdivisions, Abuakwa, Kotoku and Bosome. The Akyem Kotoku and Bosome have unceded rights as paramountcies and do not come under the sway of Abuakwa. The press is to blame for this, they should not declare de facto supremacy of the Akyem Abuakwahene over the other Akyem i.e. Kotoku and Bosome. Those are the sources of tension. The Kotoku and Bosome have uncontested and unceded rights of their own and can't be put under Akyem Abuakwahene by force. I blame the miseducated journalists for this error. I do not think the Abuakwahene himself has claimed supremacy over the others. To call him Okyenhene or Okyehene is a misnomer. All Akyems and Asantes as well as other Akan know this. It is ignorant Ga, Ewe, and others who sit in Accra and create that misnomer.

Anyway, me as an Adansi know that they are all my offshoot. The history is there, the facts are incontrovertible. In fact, I have picked up and visited embers (descendants) of those historical trails in Kyebi and Assin, as well as Asante.

We are the same stock....Asante, Akyem, Assin and Adansi. What matters is for us to foist unity and move forward for development. There isn't and there shouldn't be any quarrels between Asante and Akyem, we need each other. The Asantehene himself is married to an Akyem. The descendants of Akyem migrated from Asiakwa and went to build today's Asante, then called Kwaman. Same blood same stock. Cut the nonsense and chest pumping, after all we have agreed to put our fate under a republican entity called Ghana, that reigns supreme over all others. What is the point in fighting over some seemingly lost glory and power? There isn't left any absolute monarchy in Ghana anymore. We lost that to the colonialists. What we are doing is like a bunch of Syrians fighting over bombed out cities and territories. Old glory is long gone. Your enthronement even has to be gazetted by the guy at the seat of government otherwise you are not a chief, irrespective of what your gyase and people say.

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