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Okyehene, Asantehene union: 'I'm proud' - Gabby

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2018-06-17 09:55:42
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Okyehene, Asantehene union: 'I'm proud' - Gabby

Next time don't run your mouth. Aside that these duo are the retardants of our country. If they are kings indeed, they should develop their lands to international level. River Thames got no mineral in it, but it generates millions from tourism each year for London. You guys sitting and stealing from your own lands. I wonder how someone can steal his own money from their own pockets, but you kings and queens claim the land belongs to you, but you steal from it. Shame you all. You take royalties from the lands and minerals in it and steal it to yourselves.

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06-17 02:13
Next time
06-17 09:55