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GEPA Saga: Klenam blows GHC93k on clothing allowances; $132k for rent

Comment: These Akims! They’re out to drain Ghana

Isaac Appiah-Kubi US
2018-06-14 17:39:08
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GEPA Saga: Klenam blows GHC93k on clothing allowan

What kind of mentality resides in these folks brains? The Akims are always out there to milk Ghana dry because they think they’ve been out of government for a long, long time! So the “loot and share” has become their mantra! Can’t these people realized that people are suffering in Ghana? What kind of nonsense is that? Hospitals are yearning for common beds to the sick, graduates are roaming the streets and the youth are disillusioned about their future, leading them to embark on dangerous and adventurous journeys outside the country! So can’t these government officials have some little sympathy for these folks? With all the incentive packages that goes with a Chief Executive position, why the greediness? Compare yourself to the ordinary Ghanaian that cannot make ends meet for a day! It’s high time strong punitive actions are taken against these greedy, corrupt government officials as pertains in China!

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06-14 14:26
These Akims! They’re out to drain Ghana
Isaac Appiah-Kubi US
06-14 17:39