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GEPA Saga: Klenam blows GHC93k on clothing allowances; $132k for rent

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Common Sence
2018-06-14 17:30:38
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GEPA Saga: Klenam blows GHC93k on clothing allowan

Imagine if the Ghanaian political class actually wanted to "Serve" Mother Ghana. Ask your self if they would be buying expensive cars instead of ambulances. would they be getting rent allowances and bungalows or would they they building hospitals? Think Ghana students.. think. you should be in the streets everyday to get these politicians to stop making us poor while they live like kings and queens! simple demands we will not buy them cars, petrol, housing, clothing until we have 5000$ per capita. if they want to "serve" let them serve without all the legal stealing!!

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06-14 14:26
Common Sence
06-14 17:30