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President Akufo-Addo on 3-day tour of Western Region

Comment: Is Akufo-Addo a believer of the Bible?

2018-06-08 14:02:23
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Re: President Akufo-Addo on 3-day tour of Western

No development under Akufo-Addo because the external financial support he accepted were from the LGBTQ. Can't believe a God fearing person will sell his country to such abomination. "What shall it profit a man if he sold his soul to the devil?" He further has approved US unfettered access to our country...Who is this man and how knowledgeable is he? Yes, Ghana has economic issues but you can't selfishly exchange our self-wealth or gains to these slave masters. How can a president think so little like a child. For four years of your serves you want to radically reverse the country's efforts for your short term "glory".

Akufo-Addo, your name is already etched as a president of Ghana, the competition is over, you don't have to prove anything, just manage with what the country has and hand the country over to the next bearer. Everything about this world is cyclical. Ghana will rise, the Blackman will rise so DON'T push it.

We as a people have made due for the last 61 years. It makes me sick to think that you are stooping this low and continue to lift up the slave the master, at this time, as a dominant race.

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06-08 11:40
Is Akufo-Addo a believer of the Bible?
06-08 14:02