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NPP chairman condemned for threatening Akufo-Addo

Comment: The Chairman is indeed right: afraid men

ben O
2018-06-08 09:22:55
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NPP chairman condemned for threatening Akufo-Addo

This is absurd. The constituency chairman is right. The manner in which the NPP dismissed Paul Ansah is downright evil. He has not done anything but try to protest the interests of Ghana by protecting not joining the greed of Mac Manu.

Why has the Tema port being hijacked by NPP bigwigs? Bawumia have a stevedoring company, Titus Glover have one, Mac Manu have 7 companies with many other deals cooking, and Nana Addo family have two licenses and his wife family member also is sitting on one.

It's no coincidence the Director general Paul Answer was sacked when the Union raised flags about Mac Manu who had made the port of tema his personal property to cover this. As DG whenever there is a Union outrage he is supposed to show up and listen to their grievances so the allegations that he was with the union is neither here nor there. Paul Ansah is a just man and its the powers that be are greedy and have used him as a sacrifice to scare dissent. But rest assured it will never prevail.

God is indeed good. Truth will always prevail no matter what men do

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06-08 08:19
The Chairman is indeed right: afraid men
ben O
06-08 09:22