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Stop diverting attention with sacking of CEOs - NDC slams Akufo-Addo

Comment: NDC not fit for Accountable Governance

2018-06-07 13:03:07
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Stop diverting attention with the sacking of CEOs

What is the purpose of the Anas Video? Just a film show or that the darling, able and action oriented President will take ACTION?

If action is not taken after the Anas expose, then what is the use of it? Nana is taking action and these demented buffoons are complaining. You see the difference between NANA and MAHAMA when it comes to fighting against corruption and why NDC failed the country abysmally and created, looted and shared our resources?

Anas expose is NOT FILM SHOW, if you want a film show, go to Opera square and watch some film. Anas expose is meant to be acted upon and NANA IS NOT WASTING TIME. HE IS NOT A TIME WASTER AND A LOOTER LIKE SOMEBODY.

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NDC not fit for Accountable Governance
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