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Stop diverting attention with sacking of CEOs - NDC slams Akufo-Addo

Comment: Check your facts

2018-06-07 07:47:20
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Nana addo is thieve and shithole leader

It is baffling to tag the current president as someone appointing friends and family etc.
I challenge these small minded characters to go check facts on previous and current governments appointees and their relationships with presidents and parties.

Check John Mahama's appointees, and you will realise that he appointed so many of those who struggled with him including relatives to win power. One example: Joyce Bawa Mogtari who was a minister in the previous government and current spokesperson is Mahama's cousin and Hudu Mogtari, who is the husband of Joyce Bawa Mogtari was appointed CEO of FDA.
Nana Addo's appointees were not plucked from nowhere; relatives or friends, they all fought on NPP's ticket through thick and thin to be appointed, so MBA, shut up and check your facts. Do you remembers the Gabby's being brutalised by the police during a demo? Do you know how the Asante Bediatuos and others worked hard on the campaign trail?
I challenge you to name all relatives and friends appointed by Nana Addo and I can provide you with an equal list of John Mahama's appointees and his relationships with them.

Shut up and give us a break with this nonsense!

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Check your facts
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