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Goodluck Jonathan attacks Akufo-Addo for 'mocking' Nigeria

Comment: Time to Execute Corruption From Africa

L. Judgement
2018-06-04 12:17:41
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Goodluck Jonathan attacks Akufo-Addo for 'mocking'

President Nana is very right because his government is in lead as Africas fastest growing Economy, the corruption is what crippling down Nigeria Economic growth, imagine a country where a monkey can steal $16 billions dollars which was meant for Nigeria’s power supply to help boost growth and Government officials stealing tons of tax payers money, even in some cases reported as a python swallowing millions of tax payers monies ohh Africa ... listen on that day every corrupt Africa leader with corrupt history of stealing tax payers monies will be sentence to death by hanging, The Anti Corrupt Revolution is coming soon because Africa can’t lose tons of tax payers monies to some few ugly looking old people to feed their families, This civilization will no more be tolerated in Africa, Once Ghana Pass The Right To Information Bill all African countries must follow. This is a Warning to all Government Officials abusing their post stealing tax payers monies in Africa.

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06-04 06:02
Time to Execute Corruption From Africa
L. Judgement
06-04 12:17