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Goodluck Jonathan attacks Akufo-Addo for 'mocking' Nigeria

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2018-06-04 07:52:35
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Goodluck Jonathan attacks Akufo-Addo for 'mocking'

Completely out of context! It's unacceptable for a former strongman of the West African most populous nation to stoop so low to try to create disaffection between the two African States GHANA and NIGERIA. It's imperative to note that the cordial relationship between the two countries is solid and historic and that no parochial and mischievous interests of any mortal can damage this secret trust that's been centuries protected. The sitting President of GHANA is so cultured, politically matured, culturally wise and socially responsible to say anything to dent the people and NIGERIA as a country. If goodluck is still dazed by his electoral defeat, he should not unleash his anger on the bond between GHANA and NIGERIA. Africa must be weary of these hypocrites and sycophantic self seeking opportunists. Presidents Nana and Buhari wouldn't be destructed.

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