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I won’t use Nigeria as negative example – Akufo-Addo tells Goodluck Jonathan

Comment: Trivial issues

2018-06-01 15:52:58
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I won’t use Nigeria as negative example – Akuf

Jonathan is an opportunistic man.He is a Mahama's man who doesn't like Akuffo Addo and so want to misquote him in order to seek public mis-affection for Akuffo Addo.Whilst Nana had praised Nigerians for receiving good treatment at airports in times past in due to their wealth while Ghanaians were subject to severe scrutiny during this same period,Jonathan had deliberately twisted the speech in a negative sense blaming Nana for shaming Nigerians of being poor.What a shame!For those claiming Jonathan is a PhD and understood what Nana said , I guess you guys are being naive.Jonathan ought to bow his head in shame as a former head of state of Nigeria.

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Trivial issues
06-01 15:52