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Akufo-Addo government filled with family, girlfriends and baby mamas – Ayariga

Comment: Mahama’s Boy - a yes man.

2018-06-04 00:45:36
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Akufo-Addo government filled with family, girlfrie

What a bad dress taste , a blazer befitting a masquerade. I reckon Ayariga just likes hearing his own voice on radio and tv.
No one knows what motivates him to vie for presidency.
Very uncouth with appalling grasp on details, when it comes to policy discussion. Bad grammar and he is unable to string more than two words together in expressing himself. The man has never held a proper job apart from selling and buying trade. He thinks a presidential ambition is like vying for school prefect role.
It’s democracy Mr Ayariga, you are entitled to enhancing your aspirations, but be advised, you would be better off enhancing your business.
Please stick to your day job/ trade and hold fire with your political ambitions for now.

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05-31 19:31
Mahama’s Boy - a yes man.
06-04 00:45