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Election of MMDCEs will deepen democracy at the local government level - Hajia Alima


2018-05-30 23:24:42
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Election of MMDCEs will deepen democracy at the lo

Hajia, stop living in Utopia. It is not about the mode of appointment of a DCE. It is about the relevance of the institution. With all the powers at the disposal of the DCEs, they cannot deal with issues of sanitation, excessive noise making by churches and drinking bars, construction of houses in public ways and water courses and the illegal siting of kiosks and mechanic's workshops, among irritants to the communities.
It is the managerial acumen of persons occupying the office of DCE and the dedicated supervision of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development which matter and not the magic wand expected to be waved in by an elected official. If the Government cannot get the DCEs to deliver when they are directly controlled by the Minister, they would be out of control when they are elected. Hajia, please get the DCEs to work and keep your head out of the clouds. Down here, local governance is a mirage.

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