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Mahama has not congratulated Ofori-Atta for fixing economy – Aide

Comment: Who cares about Otchere-Darko?

Abeeku Mensah
2018-05-24 10:46:24
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Mahama has not congratulated Ofori-Atta for fixing

If Gabby Otchere-Darko had a productive life as a so-called lawyer he could not spend a better part of his adult life engaged in fabricated lies, voice and image alteration, manipulations and other NPP nefarious activities to see his kinfolk in office so he can get some of the free government monies that so temptingly drive Ghana's so-called educated and the well connected to get in politics to get their thieving hands in the national jar. Lets face it, the Danquah Institute has to be propped up to help obtain free money or contributions and infusion of cash from political sources to fund the lies and conserted efforts to keep hope alive on lies and rewrites of a late Danquah. Was J. B. Danquah a lazy man as all the folks who now live off his name? And who is Gabby Otchere -Darko and or his contribution to the development of Ghana? Is he supposed to be another mouthpiece for the president and or the NPP? Gabby only survives on party handout and the freebies from the Kyebi connection and crime family masquerading as political elite class.

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05-24 10:05
Who cares about Otchere-Darko?
Abeeku Mensah
05-24 10:46