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Our gov’t is one of ideas and innovative policies; not create, loot and share - Bawumia

Comment: Unimpressive Government

2018-05-21 22:16:06
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Our gov’t is one of ideas and innovative policie

God help mother Ghana if you call this mediocre performance as achievements. I am unimpressed about governance in this country. Propaganda is just too much. Everything in this country is in a state of disrepair and chaos. Every government appointee is grabbing money like hungry lions. My beloved Ghana is crying for help. I thought Dr Bawumia would do something significantly different from the NDC but alas, I am disappointed big time. Indeed, talk is cheap. I do not see anything innovative so far in this Government. Let’s stop the promises and get seriouy with governance issues.

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05-21 16:53
Unimpressive Government
05-21 22:16