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We should all be one for holistic national development - President Akufo-Addo

Comment: Ghanaians want to LIVE!!!

Akata 2 you! Fool!
2018-05-21 23:24:34
Comment to:
Whose holistic definition?

Hooistic partially means Africans stop eating acidic foods daily like white rice, white sugar, white flour, soda pops, fried foods, no meats, no fish, no beans except chickpeas, drink alkaline water and cook with it not acidic water, the people need 75% raw and 25% cooked foods, the people must FAST at least one day per month foods only alkaline water, no bleach cremes, no products from cows, no eggs,no breads.
All above is a must as Ghana's medical system is sub-standard usually. Plus, a poor health insurance system.


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05-21 05:42
Ghanaians want to LIVE!!!
Akata 2 you! Fool!
05-21 23:24