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Akufo-Addo shocks NDC protestors in London

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2018-04-23 19:35:10
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Matured Leader indeed

Please be mature, this issue is not about NDC or NPP, what can America do for Ghana? We were colonize by them. After they orchestrated and overthrew our first visionary leader Dr Osagyefoc kwame Nkrumah they and the Europeans introduce a plan to sabotage our economy. so my friend I'm telling you that the US is in Africa only to protect their interest and to lay a plan for their future GENERATIONS. BE WISE, and again do not POLITICIZE this issue. US is not a signatory of INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT in HAGUE, they do not respect international LAWS. look what happened recently in Syria, UNITED nation voted a fact finding resolution to access the alleged CHOLINE usage, instead they should respect the international verdict they decided to go alone with Britain and France.

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Re: Matured Leader indeed
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