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Don't underestimate distraction - Policy Analyst tells Akufo-Addo

Comment: Who is up to the challenge?

Prince Charles
2018-03-30 11:58:54
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Don't underestimate distraction - Policy Analyst t

I don't know this guy, but this is a very good advice. Government must concentrate on providing for the needs of the people through the creation of jobs, fixing our roads, providing potable water, sanitation, electricity, reducing taxes and making life more bearable to the Ghanaian, than wasting time on changing names of buildings, or making a fanfare of the arrest of somebody who makes a political statement that the government deems subversive, when it knows too well that was just a political talk. Why waste time and resources on useless things that will not change the lives of Ghanaians, instead of working on things that will make the Ghanaian a better person in his own country? A government that is reactionary and not proactive and who has no clear cut policy and plan in place to address the socio-economic challenges of its citizens, is bound to fail, and it will not need a coup to bring about that fall. Akufo Addo, wake up and learn to be a good leader and not one who acts on whims. The Ghanaian today does not care about party politics; he/she cares about who can bring a change to his/her life. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY? No more NPP, no more NDC; we are looking for an individual who will rise up to the occasion, because these two parties have failed us. Who is up to the challenge?

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Who is up to the challenge?
Prince Charles
03-30 11:58