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Elect PM quickly for development – Deputy AG to Assembly members

Comment: Too many Districts

Jack Bawah
2018-03-16 16:04:06
Comment to:
Elect PM quickly for development – Deputy AG to

Looking at this from the outside seems lauderble,but for goodness sake, this is a small community with one major road and about 3 miles to Garu which is a district and a constituency. So how do you create 2 district capitals within 3 miles radius? This village has no market, and nothing going for it except that the deputy attorney General is from that constituency. This is appalling and doesn't make any economic sense for now. They were fine under Garu district and now the Garu district which is relatively small in of it self is further divided into two. The population of this place hasn't grown that much from the last 8 years. So what is the logic? Well that constituency voted for NPP in the region and now I understand why they are rewarded. I know people don't care but our priorities as a country are misplaced.

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