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Araba Bentsi Enchill must lead CPP in 2020 - Members demand

Comment: What do you think foreign aid is?

Abeeku Mensah
2018-03-16 15:29:28
Comment to:
Nkrumah started corruption in Ghana

You must be another one of those with water on the brain critics who fail to use their own thinking cells thus opt to read from political talking points, Trisha Boakye. Ghana has been running around the world borrowing money and begging for money not because Nkrumah left Ghana broke but because the dumb fools who did not know how to wipe the snort off their faces thought they were ready and could run a country after Nkrumah. You must be a hopeless romantic NPP or NDC card carrying person to think that the presumed Nkrumah era 400 million pounds sterling would have survived your thieving miss-educated leaders who have run Ghana since 1966. Sorry but your leaders have been thieves and idiots with none fit enough to carry Nkrumah's jockstrap. We get handouts from "oboronyi" but we cannot take care of our own continent of nation; that's just dumb and selfish Trisha Boakye. What if the "whiteman" operated the same way and not give aid to poor African nations?

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03-16 00:44
Oyibi Sebo
03-16 04:42
What do you think foreign aid is?
Abeeku Mensah
03-16 15:29