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Obiri Boahen has no credibility to serve as an officer - Anyidoho

Comment: Even A Thief Like Koku Anyidaho Is In Of

2018-03-14 08:42:55
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Obiri Boahen has no credibility to serve as an off

Oh ghana! “If the elephant is down, every animal can jump on it”.Look at what this lunatic Koku Anyidaho is saying, Even you who was acting like a spokesperson for the Late president Mills is still in NDC party office.You who betrayed Prof. Mills and duped the country by helping Woyome to collect huge money for no work done, is still talking like an angel from Heaven. To your information Obiri Boaheng has not stolen from the taxpayers money but Koku Anyidaho has.With your evil gang of thieves during the dead goat Mahamah time where you NDC guys were ruling the country with stealing and corruption you were all proud. I don’t blame you Koku Anyidaho for its the habit of some of the NPP members. They talk too much. And we have the same problem with NDC members too. Even your so called president John Dramani Mahamah always talks as if he has never been to school. Koku any nonsense from your dead goat Mahamah you appreciate it. To rest my case don’t forget that the special prosecutor starts work next week. All the stolen cars in your possession will be returned. Before you guys face the laws to explain how you acquired them. Fire burn you and all your NDC colleagues.

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03-14 02:12
Even A Thief Like Koku Anyidaho Is In Of
03-14 08:42