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Government will deal with Free SHS Policy saboteurs - Bawumia

Comment: You are NDC Massa

2017-12-18 02:33:34
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NPP in Charge now not NDC

The way you explained how the JSS system implementation gives you away nana.
I was part of the sixth-formers who were given just 3-month training at somanya Mount Mary's as a supplement to the lack of teachers then so please don't come and babble words as if it did not come with problems.
Let me tell you that the JSS system still is bedevilled with problems. Go and read the policy and find out if that is what is being implemented today?
By your argument then Kwame Nkrumah is most guilty because when he declared free education for the north it had and still has the worst of infrastructure but he went ahead to implement it.
If you have followed the on the challenges facing our education system lately you will realize most of the pictures are coming from the north which has produced most of our leaders in recent times so let us please come out with constructive criticisms and stop the "it shal fail" swan song we are singing.

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12-17 20:37
You are NDC Massa
12-18 02:33