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'Reckless' Education Minister should apologise for 'reckless statement' – Amaliba

Comment: Myopics NDC Nation wreckers dreaming

Efo Kwaku Canada
2017-12-04 11:16:49
Comment to:

Small mind NDC nonentities educated illiterates idiots, NDC criminals has ruined the education system in Ghana even toilet facility is an issue after 27 years of wasting resources, now wise educated men are fixing it and look at wee smokes Amaliba stupid lawyer, what were the students using during NDC fools administration lead by useless president ever in our history John Second hand FORD Mahama days? the minister is telling them to use plastic bags for now because toilet can never put up by a day and NDC idiots nonentities doesn't understand that, what funny jokers party NDC,I told NPP already if you fall to hunt NDC idiots like rats as our democracy is immature,NDC criminals are going to hijacked the development of GHANA

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12-04 09:02
Myopics NDC Nation wreckers dreaming
Efo Kwaku Canada
12-04 11:16