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Free SHS: Government engages National Buffer Stock for food supply

Comment: Prince Charles read read please!!

2017-09-11 13:04:46
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Sad, sad, sad

Haaba!! Don't display your ignorance here please. A simple google search on Ghana National Buffer stock company would have revealed to you that it is a state owned enterprise and not a private company so can'r be owned by any financier. All you know is criticise without even having your facts right first. Common sense should tell you as the program expands to cover more students over the coming years more suppliers will be needed hence more local suppliers getting contracts. By the way what do you mean by importers? Should we be importing food to feed our students when we have proper organic health fresh food stuff in the country? Can't think far, come again.

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09-11 09:32
Prince Charles read read please!!
09-11 13:04