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Rawlings fires Valerie Sawyerr; says she has no integrity

Comment: rawlings returns fire to valrie

bk zuma
2017-08-17 13:35:49
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Rawlings fires Valerie Sawyerr; says she has no in

Rawlings still behaves as if the Ghanaians today are still Ghanaians of his hunger days when he took to the streets and got himself involved in perpetual indebtedness to people who fed him with ordinary food. He is now prepared to sacrifice the integrity of the Ewes because of his mother into the gutters of their enemies. It is high time Ewes throw this man of no home away and save their respect. A woman does not own a child in African culture and valerie's integrity in every respect could be better than the likes of this man. He wants to reduce everybody to the abuse of nana konadu and her tides. Those days are over and he doesn't look attractive anymore. Now we have alot of halfcuts around like majid the actor and co and don't these characters.

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08-17 11:28
rawlings returns fire to valrie
bk zuma
08-17 13:35