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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

Comment: Ghana moving frm banana 2 kokonte republ

Nana Kuffuor. Abeka. La Paz.
2017-07-23 14:07:33
Comment to:
Give Mahama a break please!!

It appears some of you just have naked hatred for Prez. Mahama and NDC party. All over the world, you see ex presidents soliciting help for their own countries or other countries. The current UN Secretary General was the former Prime Minister of Portugal. What gets my heart boiling is most of this evil acts are hatched by some of these half baked Ghanaian lawyers whose aim is to engaged in criminal activities or destroy people's mainstay. Since NPP came to power, instead of creating their own jobs, they rather engaged in removing non NPP or non Akans who are genuinely employed in the public service. What an evil party?

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07-23 09:07
Ghana moving frm banana 2 kokonte republ
Nana Kuffuor. Abeka. La Paz.
07-23 14:07