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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

Comment: "no one is surprised"

2017-07-23 11:46:01
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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

"least of all not me"! I have really come to my wits' end! We elected a crook to the highest office in this country and now the startling revelations of his behavior both in and out of office is beginning to emerge.He knew everything about Ameri,the bus-branding,the Burkina embassy wall and a host of shady deals including this Brazilian construction company building bridges everywhere!
Still wonder why the NPP in opposition never proposed impeachment process in parliament,when he admitted himself to have taken a gift from the contractor!
He has interests in Mauritius as well.I think the special prosecutor should not let Mr Mahama off the all!

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07-23 09:07
"no one is surprised"
07-23 11:46