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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

Comment: We are ripping what we sowed

2017-07-23 11:17:18
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Mahama now chief lobbyist for Dubai companies

If Ghanaians ???????? couldn't identify the best in mahama, why did they voted him out, similar was done Nkrumah, he later invested in Guinnea and became Vice President for them. Foreigners were rather appreciating the good work of mahama not we Ghanaians, here are we our current finance minister confessing they used 5.2million Ghana cedis for Ghana @60 meanwhile president Akuffo louded during the launching that not even a pesewa of state coffers will be used.
Namibia ???????? president is so wise to consult to help him locate and lobby for investors because he saw the transformation under mahama led administration,we should rather consult him for lobbying but because of Arrogance never.
Let's stop complaining because Ghanaians we are ripping what we sowed.

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07-23 09:07
We are ripping what we sowed
07-23 11:17