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NPP-NDC have no serious ideological differences - Prof Agyemang-Duah

Comment: I see an ideological difference but ....

Nana Barima Duah II
2017-04-21 06:06:06
Comment to:
NPP-NDC have no serious ideological differences -

The NDC clearly prefers a tax and spend state-led approach - the try to shift resources from the long suffering private sector to redistribute. So the easily stifle private sector growth and over regulate business with revenue as the main goal. The NPP 's policy trust is about getting the private sector to invest and create wealth to grow tax revenue. The quickly fix the economic incentives for GDP growth.

My only concern is that our politics has created a false expectation of governments financial capacity to finance social spending and subsidy. If this is not changed the outcome of the two systems will end up being the same in terms of the deficit and government borrowing to finance social investment to keep voters happy. That is not a problem of ideology it's a political economy and resource efficiency problem fueled by a two horse race to woo voters

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04-21 05:25
I see an ideological difference but ....
Nana Barima Duah II
04-21 06:06