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What Akufo-Addo & NPP said in 2009/2013 on size of government etc

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2017-03-22 13:13:05
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Re: NDC, Never again

Thank you Ama for Holiness is only on God's children. Compare your 85 ministers and over 600 presidential staffers to NPP 110 competent ministers and less than 180 presidential staffers and you get ndc more than 685 government officials to NPP less than 300 government officials so you are right because righteousness belong only to people who listen to God and does what is right. NPP has done the right thing to save the nation a lot of money to take care of the poor and needy and May The Most High God continue to bless them and shower them with abundant wisdom. Anyway! Your cries are nothing to the people and your rantings have mo attention not even the ndc footsoldiers pay mind to your loud mouth because they see you as greedy,selfish and arrogant insulting lot. Enjoy your opposition with bitterness and depression.

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Re: NDC, Never again
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