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What Akufo-Addo & NPP said in 2009/2013 on size of government etc

Comment: Double standard NPP& Akuffo Addo

Ghaman , Beijing
2017-03-22 08:44:53
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What Akufo-Addo & NPP said in 2009/2013

NPP & Akuffo Addo are first class hypocrites. They said all these and worse stuff over the years , but look at them today ? It's Ghana , our taxes and hardwork .imagine how many people benefit from these bloated government? Other appointments especially below ministerial level are all JOBS FOR THE BOYS . China is corrupt but their INFRASTURE draws investment and world attention and they are benefiting. NPP and their people say we don't need that , just like China paying overbloated cost of projects is still better than paying over boated consultation ( 110+ Ministers ' salaries and benefits) they give jobs huge salaries to their friends , families , cronies who will be defending them everyday. It's really good for NDC to go into opposition to learn lessons but Addo and friend's convenient job for the boys is not closed to the solution.

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03-22 02:46
Double standard NPP& Akuffo Addo
Ghaman , Beijing
03-22 08:44