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Free SHS: Fiscal discipline will help implementation – Nsowah

Comment: Free SHS and fiscal discipline

2017-02-17 21:35:49
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Free SHS: Fiscal discipline’ll help implementati

Fiscal discipline of the government will definitely do the trick in the free education saga.
Already the minister of education has intimated the quest to use part of the proceeds from OUR oil to enhance SHS education: an albatross which hangs on the neck of NDC for their avid, antagonistic and negative stance on this subject.
I'll, together with the huge majority of Ghanaians agree with government if it comes out that part of the heritage fund is used to alleviate the problem of education of the youth who aregoing to be leaders tomorrow (part of the heritage), today
My memory is still rife to the ranting of an (p)NDC appointee's answer to a question on the excessive use of OUR gold reserves. In his anger he said,it would be used and if... posterity must find means to run the country. This happened at an Anual Science Conference at PRESEC, Accra.
I am not interested in equalization but due to the expressed need by the country as a whole I will solicit the backing of the Opposition NDC. Ghana needs free education, at this time where probity and accountability stares us in the face.
Whatever, wherever and whenever is taken should be accounted for. I believe they will do exactly that!

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