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NDP joins NPP; calls for a new voters registers

Comment: Home and Country Profiling

Kojo W
2015-09-22 18:29:44
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NDP joins NPP; calls for a new voters registers

Here Mrs.Rawlings party the NDP is showing its true colors. First NDC is your husbands party. Second you were a member of the NDC. You also have your daughter on NDC ticket looking to go into politics. But you are here being what? What is your aim here? It boils down to "if I can't win then I will slash and burn it". This is typical of the Ashantis!!! IMO. The very reason we have so much discord in Ghana and we can not move forward as a nation. I wonder what is the discussion at the diner table in Rawlings's. This woman is impossible. I don't get it!!

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09-22 14:26
Home and Country Profiling
Kojo W
09-22 18:29