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Asiedu Nketia cannot be contested – Gyampo


2014-10-31 05:42:25
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Asiedu Nketia cannot be contested – Gyampo

They don't understand the guiding tenets of democracy. Oh, sad Ghana has to make a choice between a dumb and a dumber. At least, exercise your right to skirt and blouse.

I have a history lesson and a warning to my own ASHANTI FOLKS.

Osei Kofi Tutu I was shot and killed by Akyems in 1717.

The Akyems have always been a small but divisive group. They would align with anyone, anything to get their wishes.
Ghana is changing fast. The Ewes are increasing in size and education, the northerners are also multiplying.

If we do not change and tell these Akyem mafias to get off our backs and learn to settle within the hegemony of a greater good for Ghana, there will come a time when we will be out- numbered and I fear our children will suffer for our past misdeeds.

Our past can be forgiven but we have to change first.

Stop trusting these Akyems. They aligned with the Akwamus, Fantis, Gas and even till now Colonialists just to get their interest.

Imagine, they turned you against your own Son, Alan Kyerematen even when signs were that he could have been the bridge between Ewes and Ashantis at long last.

What can't they do? This is not an alliance of equals but one of opportunism. It is wrong and bad for future Ashantis.

Hey my people, you can do better, don't be deceived. We brought down the might Denkyira with wisdom and great tact. Where has these virtues gone.
We stand together as brothers and sister of a common Ghana against globalization, extremism and pestilences like Ebola.

We have always had values of the common good, unity and strength and not fear of an unknown. Don't let these Akyem Mafias use you, Nananom.
Wake up, Nananom, wake up Ashanti. Let's forge a better future with our fellow Ghanaians

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