Politics of Monday, 2 June 2014

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Akufo Addo Must Confirm Or Deny Kyerematen’s Contribution

To His Campaigns.

We, Coalition of students for Alan Kyerematen are calling on NANA AKUFO ADDO to come out once again, to deny or confirm that Mr ALAN KYEREMATEN indeed contributed to his campaigns. There are false allegations propagated and circulated by his close associates to the effect that, both chief Alan and former prez Kufour did not play any role in all his campaigns, which according to some people forms the basis for our party’s two defeats.

Today NANA ADDO’S has stated categorically that, the allegations about his fractured relationship with prez kufour is false, contrary to what has been made to believe as the truth by his close associates, president kufour indeed gave him the necessary support in his two times bid for president. What about Mr Alan Kyerematen? NANA ADDO must tell Ghanaians. He should do same to clear the minds of our supporters on similar allegations fabricated to dent Mr Kyerematen’s image and his relationship with our party supporters. Nana Addo must come out quickly but not wait until 6years later, because time is of essence.
We are very much aware that, Mr. Alan kyerematen abandoned his presidential ambition for Nana Addo to run unopposed during the run-off at the Legon congress in 2007. He subsequently gave his unflinching support to Nana Addo in 2008, and donated 40 pickups and amount of $5m dollars to the campaign team.
Mr Kyerematen went all over the country campaigned for NANA ADDO, but Ghanaians rejected NPP in 2008. We are all aware of how our party’s campaign was run in 2012. The kokofu football style, where Mr Kyerematen and his supporters were totally sidelined from playing major roles in the 2012 campaign, for reasons known to only NANA ADDO and his campaign manager. At a point in time in the 2012 campaign, Mr Kyerematen was denied opportunity to speak on campaign platforms especially at the mantse agbonaa rally.
It was very clear from all indications that, NANA ADDO and his associates strategically dissociated Mr Kyerematen’s and his supporters from actively participating in the 2012 campaign, besides all these Mr Kyerematen did not relent on his effort to help NANA ADDO win the elections. He still gave out his maximum best even when he had some other international assignments in Ethiopia he loves the party he co-founded.
If for nothing at all, we at COSAK believe Mr Kyerematen should be commended and appreciated by NANA ADDO and his associates but not to be treated this way. The simple question every NPP supporter demands answer from NANA ADDO is to boldly tell us, whether Mr Kyerematen Contributed to his campaigns or not? NANA ADDO himself knows that, NPP needs ALAN cash to win power again, after president kufour. We strongly believe that, the reason for putting every blame for defeat on ALAN but not NANA ADDO himself is because, Chief Alan is ordained and destined to take NPP to the promise land.
Flag bearer is not a reward for long service but an election wining tool. Think victory! Think Alan!!
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