General News of Saturday, 15 September 2012

Source: Daily Post

Akufo-Addo Buried 3 Cows Alive

In A Bid To Win 2008 Elections

It may as well pass as the ‘Revelation of the
Year’—yesterday morning, on Radio Gold’s ‘Newspaper Review’ programme, an NPP
activist, Wahab Amadu ,
revealed that NPP flag-bearer, Nana Akufo Addo, caused to be buried alive cows
in Kumasi 2008 to enable him win the Presidential elections that year.

It was a revelation that froze the blood of many
Ghanaians, sending shivers down their spines as the NPP activist, who is said
to have been a close confidant of Akufo Addo, explained to Radio Gold’s Nana Yaw
how the NPP flag-bearer employed the services of 2,000 mallams who were spread
all over the country and tasked to perform rituals that will enable him win the

According to Wahab Amadu, Akufo Addo placed this
activity in the hands of one of his personal aides, Mustapha Hamid and funded
He said the Mallams were solicited from, Burkina
Faso and Mali with the rest being Ghanaians. Recalling how he found this sordid
activity out, Wahab said sometime in 2008, on their campaign trail in Kumasi,
he went to the Georgia Hotel where Akufo-Addo was staying to discuss an issue
with him.

He said at the entrance of the Hotel, he met a group
of Mallams who told him they had been sent for by the NPP flag-bearer. He said
when he went to inform Nana Akufo Addo about the presence of the mallams, he
asked him to get in touch with Mustapha Hamid since he was in charge of that
Wahab said when he got back to the Mallams and told
them to see Mustapha Hamid since he was in charge of the project, the Mallams
said it was important they see Akufo Addo himself because some other Mallams
working for him, had with his approval, buried three cows alive in Kumasi which
they claimed will ensure that Candidate Mills’ messages while on the campaign
trail will not resonate with the people.

According to Wahab, the Mallams said that ritual was
counter-productive and will in no way stop Mills from winning the elections and
hence the need to reverse it and perform other rituals.

The NPP activists said when he went to inform Akufo
Addo again about what the Mallams were saying, the flag-bearer expressed
confident in the cow burial ritual that had been performed but nevertheless
asked him to contact Mustapha Hamid.

He said when he contacted Hamid, the ginger-haired
man also expressed confidence in the efficacy of the cow burying ritual saying
it made the elections a done deal for Akufo Addo.

The revelation has shocked many Ghanaians and has
led to a debate as to how far some politicians can go to gain political power.
Meanwhile, Akufo Addo failed to win the elections
that year, leading in the first round but crushing to defeat in the second