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Panellists on Constitutional review against blanket review

Comment: What democratic principles?

Abeeku Mensah
2010-04-30 09:01:33
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Panellists on Constitutional review against blanke

What democratic principles, practices and growth are these educated elite group talking about?
It looks vogue these days to talk about democracy or democratic principles in Ghana without a clue about the practices that people, mostly our political and educated elite tend to engage while singing the praises of democracy. Is it democratic growth to set up a parliament that usurps unto itself all the perks of the country including but not limited to not paying rent, utilities on their residence, gasoline for their cars etc? Which democratic country are these perks rendered unto its MP's or representatives? I would suggest to those who like to caution us about improving the 1992 constitution that nothing and I mean nothing should stop us from removing any and all forms of protections enshrined in the constitution that precludes anyone from prosecution from crimes against Ghana or in the name of Ghana. I will also ask that there should be no time constraints against prosecutions on any crime committed by anyone who commits such crimes while serving in a government, local, regional or national capacity.
Democracy must not be used as a tool of convenience by Ghana's elite while ignoring the basic tenants of democratic principles, practices and procedures.

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04-29 18:02
What democratic principles?
Abeeku Mensah
04-30 09:01