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Failure to use Rawlings’s death to unite NDC will spell doom for us - Yaw Boateng Gyan warns


Togbe Ahorlu.
2020-11-16 10:08:28
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Failure to use Rawlings’s death to unite NDC wil

Very funny and stupid how Akufo Addo and his Akyem sakawa criminals can be! The question is, who is Akufo Addo targetting for a sympathy vote from the death of a man, he has championed and velified for all his life? Is it his Akyem voters? Ashantis or the Ewes? Now, I know that Akufo Addo has mental problems. May I remind Akufo Addo that, not a single vote being a sympathy vote would come to him as a result of Jerry Rawlings,death. Akufo Addo must not be very stupid and foolish to make it look as if he is doing something very special to the late Jerry Rawlings. He was a former president who is entitled to a state burial. Ghanaians have not yet forgotten how Akufo Addo single handed striped the late Rawlings from his constitutional protocols. He prevented him from using the VIP to travel. He and Kufour banned him from entering any military instalations. They took him to court to challenge his nationality. They hatred his Ewe tribes because of this man, even till date. If we want to talk about what Akufo Addo and Kufour did to Jerry whiles he was alive, it could take a form of a whole novel. having forcefully taken his alloted official cars from him after he has handed over power, he managed to arrange for his own car through some friends. When the car arrived in Ghana, Kufour and Akufo Addo again, took him on, questioning him how he came by the car. They took him to BNI and all sort of things. Today, Akufo Addo wants to use the late Jerry Rawlings to achieve his Evil political agenda, to continue to terrorise the Ewe ethnic group? Oh Togbe Txali, Togbe Nyigbla, Togbe Horgbato, Togbe Zakadza and all the gods of our ancestral home in Notse, I called upong you all this morning and summoned before you those have velified and tormentd your son, Kwashi Jerry John Rawlings whiles he was alive, and who are now trying to use his death for their tribal political interest. Anyone who may have a hand in such a wicked intention, even if it is the wife or any of his children, I summoned them before you all this morning.

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11-16 01:48
Togbe Ahorlu.
11-16 10:08