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Politics of Saturday, 6 September 2014

Source: Addae-Mensah, Evans

Stephen Akwetey is best for Greater Accra NDC- Opinion Poll

With some weeks to the election of executives for the leadership of the Greater Accra regional office of the National Democratic Congress, there seems to be a popular endorsement of Comrade Stephen Akwetey for the regional chairmanship. Even with the New Patriotic Party now in an unprecedented disarray, the NDC faithful are bent on leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the party wins the 2016 parliamentary and presidential elections. Result from a survey of opinion polls conducted by representatives from the various arms and interest groups within the NDC in the Greater Accra region has revealed that partisans of the NDC in the Greater Accra region are desperately seeking for change of leadership of the party in the region. The survey team made up of volunteers from the Young Democrats, TEIN Group, Friends of John Mahama, Women wing and others interviewed foot-soldiers, ward, branch, constituency and regional party members and some executives and also traditional leaders who have all begged for a change of leadership of the ruling party in the region to save the NDC. Many of the respondents have made clarion calls to party delegates not to retain Mr. Ade Coker for the Greater Accra regional chairmanship in the best interest of the party. Among the top executives of the NDC who endorsed the chairmanship bid of Mr. Stephen Akwetey is the Founder of the party, Flt. Lieut. Jerry John Rawlings who maintained that it is time the NDC elects men of integrity, who are incorruptible and those that could return the NDC party to its values of probity, accountability and social democracy. Chairman Rawlings made the call when Mr. Stephen Akwetey led the United Cadres Front (UFC) to pay homage to the party founder at his residence. In like manner, the chiefs and people of the Ga States have also prayed the NDC to elect a regional party leadership that will seek the interest of the region other than parochial or self-seeking interests of a few that have characterized the Ade Coker leadership. According to the traditional leaders, when true sons of the soil are in leadership of the ruling party, it guarantees commitment to duty, total growth and development of the region. "It will provide a sovereignty where there is people-ownership of the development of the Ga States and the Greater Accra region as a whole. And with the exceptional intervention programs that Mr. Stephen Akwetey has initiated to support the region, the expectations are that, a chairmanship of Comrade Stephen Akwetey will seek the development of the region", they averred. Many of the NDC leaders interviewed also described the Health fund, Education fund and Agriculture Fund for Greater Accra NDC initiated by the chairman aspirant as unprecedented and urged regional chairmen of the NDC all over the country to emulate the vision and industry of Mr. Stephen Akwetey to make the NDC more attractive to Ghanaians as election 2016 draws closer.
With the regional branch of the TEIN group and the Young Democrats already declaring their overwhelming support for Mr. Stephen Akwetey, it seems needless to say, others aspiring to unseat the growing unpopular Ade Coker to withdraw their candidacy in order to form a more formidable team for a resounding victory and a return of the NDC to its founding principles and values.
Many are of the view that with the growing discontent and despondency continually been expressed by party members and their laxity towards party activities in the region due to the uninspiring leadership of Ade Coker, it is important the fight for positive change take a united front to send a strong message to future leaders that may tend to undermine party principles and values in their administration.
Mr. Stephen Akwetey has demonstrated a unique sense of responsibility through his several intervention programs for the NDC in the region. And it is this creative and principled leadership that the party needs at this critical time to invigorate enthusiasm in the NDC followers and to ensure our party structures are effectively running towards winning election 2016. As a social democratic institution, the NDC over the years has provided the delivery of goods and services that meets the greater good of our citizens and society. However, the actions and inactions of a few in leadership for self gain which is generating despondency amongst party members thereby courting bad public image for the party and government must be rebutted through the ballot box. Being a tried and tested compatriot of the of the founding members of the NDC, the party needs the nationalist inclinations or penchants of Comrade Stephen Akwetey to dissuade the growing perception that, the NDC in the Greater Accra region is practicing a property-owning leadership only akin to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana's political landscape.
Mr. Stephen Akwetey is also urged not to be swayed by the glowing endorsement of his candidacy but to work extra hard to ensure the NDC as a party does not make mistakes again to elect party executives that may not positively impact the lives and the social well-being of our people. It will be important Comrade Akwetey extend a hand of alliance to other Chairman aspirants seeking for change, so as to fight the good course of the NDC in a unified front.
Long Live the Akatamanso!!!
Evans Addae-Mensah
Coordinator- NDC Youth Wing