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Politics of Thursday, 3 July 2008

Source: Ansah, Davis Opoku

Press Statement from TESCON-UCC

The Founder of the NDC and former president of Ghana, Mr. Rawlings’s press conference he had on the 1 July 2008, went a long way to inform Ghanaians that the man is eager and prepared to do anything to bring NDC to power. The statesman told the whole world that even if he should lie to bring NDC to power, he is willing to do that.

Mr. Rawlings’s comparison between Ghana and Zimbabwe is a perfect example of the fact that the current peace and order in this country, does not please him. The NPP Government have maintained peace and unity and promoted reconciliation while deepening our democracy. Today, Ghana is the most peaceful country in West Africa. Now, no media person lives in dread of the Criminal Libel Law because they have repealed it and our Press is perhaps the most vibrant on our continent. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s assertion to increase the police force from the current 25000 to 50000 personnel and the strengthening of our parliament, CHRAJ, SFO, foods and drugs board and the developmental policies he outlined during his evening encounter with Ghanaians has increased pressure on the former president to the extent that if he does not come out to distort the minds of the ordinary Ghanaian, the NPP will win the December 2008 elections with ease. The personal attack on Nana Addo, our next president, attests to the fact that the former president is uncomfortable with him (Nana Addo) managing the affairs of this country after President Kufour.

I pray, Mr. Rawlings, joins the league of Ghanaians who are making this years election an issue-based one rather than coming out any how, with insults here and there. He needs to talk like a statesman and respect the peace and love that we are currently enjoying in this country. The attack on the police, judiciary and allegation that the death of Alhaji Isaah Mobila, Ya-Na Yakubu Andani, is an indication that Rawlings and the NDC do not recognise state institutions and it is the duty of Ghanaians to resist such persons from handlings our affairs. Did president Kufour give orders to kill these personalities? The answer is a Big No. The NPP government is doing everything to resolve these pockets of conflicts and the statement by the former president goes a long way to undermine the process of peace. I urge Ghanaians to be wary of this new NDC whose founder is not ready to strengthen the democratic governance we are enjoying now as a country. The man has shown that he will meddle in the affairs of Prof. Mills in the unlikely event that he gets the nod to lead our country. The rejection of the national awards by the flag bearer of the NDC and former vice-president is an indication that he does not control affairs when it comes to matters concerning the party. How can we hand over this country to personalities who cannot even take decisions that concern institutions they claim to lead.

The NPP’s popularity increases day in day out. The massive rush by individuals to stand on the ticket of the party is an indication that Ghanaians are ready to retain NPP in government and the parliamentary candidates in power. Conflicts bring about development and the conflicts in the NPP have strengthened the party. The pockets of violence are unfortunate and it needs to be condemned but the National executives of the NPP must be commended for positively managing these troubles in the party.

I urge the youth of Ghana to come out and register in the forth-coming registration exercise to vote for the future, vote for the man who believes in Ghana and the party which has the youth of Ghana at heart. Rawlings and the NDC must be told straight in the face come December 7 through the ballot boxes that we are not ready for their style of leadership and that we are moving forward as a country with the NPP. We cannot go back to the days of identification hair cut, disrespect for state institutions, mismanagement of our economy etc. Policies like, the NHIS, capitation Grant, School feeding program, National Youth employment program, free antenatal care for pregnant women etc introduced by the NPP is a clear indication that they have the youth at heart and there is the need to retain them in power.

I congratulate all awardees for the National honours. You have made Ghana proud and the youth of Ghana looks up to you. The zeal and happiness you served Ghana have earned you this great honour. Ayeekoo and God richly bless you.

God bless Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo

God bless the NPP

God Bless Ghana

Mr. Davis Opoku Ansah

Tescon President, University of Cape Coast.

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