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Politics of Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Source: Samuel Ablordeppey

President Mills will win 2012 elections-Nyaunu

President Mills will WIN 2012 elections-Nyaunu
Ardent critique of the President Mills led government Micheal Teye Nyaunu who is the
legislator for the Lower Manya Krobo constituency, have predicted that Professor
John Evans Atta Mills will win next year’s presidential elections landslide because
of the prudent management of the country’s economy.

Though a lot of descriptions and interpretations have been given to the 2012/2013
budget, the National Democratic Congress member (NDC) M.P said that Dr. Kwabena
Duffuor’s budget for the year 2012 had sent shivers down the spine of the leader of
the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addoo, because of
the visionary nature of it
He explained in an interview with Radio Gold that the NPP was fond of making noise
on the floor of parliament and other fora but ‘’………… they were all silenced. They
realized that instead of the projected increase in Taxes, it was rather the
opposite, thus they could not comprehend that the NDC could be so smart like that.
So for a longer period they were taken by surprise and that made them confused, so
for me my good friend Nana Addo will be going on retirement with this budget
The lower Manya legislator emphasized that, he was excited about the fact that for
the first time in Ghana, the government have been able attain the convergence
criteria of the ECO system.
He explained that the Sub-Region wanted to get one currency which is the ECO, and
to achieve that reality a country needed to among other things attain a single digit
inflation, three months centenary input cover and for the first time in ‘’my
country’’ the President Mills led government have ‘’done it.’’ Teyey Nyaunu
indicated that the achievement attained was based on the prudent management of the
economy by government.
He described Taxes which would be imposed in respect to the usage of the environment
particularly mining companies because ‘’though Ghana mines gold and diamond and
other minerals there seemed to be any direct benefit to the people in the mining
communities, and they also suffer from pollutions from cyanide so the raising of the
Tax is timely.’’
Throwing more light on the budget the maverick M.P for the Lower Manya Krobo
emphasized that, though the attainment of the single digit inflation did not mean
prices were not coming down, rather rising at a decreasing rate. ‘’It is a good
budget which must be implemented.
‘’The implementation of the budget would create a lot of jobs, because the
Service sector contributes about 48% to the economy thus a lot of people are

Being employed in that sector, if the budget is strictly adhered to it will
More jobs, judging from the good business environment where both internal
And external investors would take advantage of.’’
If governments continues to work hard especially in the road sector, then I can
assure you that ‘’the electorates would be left with no option but to vote for
Professor John Evans Atta Mills.