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Politics of Thursday, 18 October 2012

Source: GNA

PPP urges EC to investigate unlawful funding of political parties

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, Presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), on Wednesday called on the Electoral Commission (EC) to vigorously investigate allegations that foreign entities were funding political parties in the country.

He said if such allegations were true, it contravened the Political Parties Law, Act 574, that prohibits foreign funding of political parties, demanding that the Electoral Commission investigate the matter properly to engender confidence in the country’s political order and to bring about transparency in the body politick of Ghana.

“The EC should not take this matter lightly; it should build the capacity to handle these issues in order to bring greater transparency in our political processes so that the people can accept the outcomes of the election”.

Dr Nduom who was speaking to journalists after filling his nomination papers at the EC, said foreign interest should not invest in political parties because the political entities end up doing what is consistent with the interest of the foreign entities.

He said Ghanaians should not trust and vote for any political party in Ghana that does not disclose the sources of its funding, challenging his political opponents to disclose their sources of funding for accountability and transparency sake in order to protect the sovereignty of Ghana’s electoral process.

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has alleged that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) was being financed by a Chinese company, Huawei.

Dr Nduom also cautioned those who intended to cheat in the polls to gear up for a show-down with the PPP, because the party would contest the EC in court to annul the results of any polling station that records even one vote more than what is on the register.

“We will not allow anyone to cheat or steal in this elections and go free…So if some people think that a polling station is in their strong hold and wants to use that advantage to subvert the electoral process should think twice.

“Those who want to cheat and steal should stand ready to face the consequences of their actions”, he declared.

Dr Nduom also renewed his challenge to other contestants in the presidential race to make firm commitments to transparent and incorruptible leadership, by declaring their assets and tax obligations to Ghanaians.

He reiterated that what Ghana needed to propel it to the enviable economic status was a competent and incorruptible leadership, one which the PPP would offer and bring about true progress, peace and prosperity to “Ghanaisn”.

Dr Nduom said that he was committed to the principle of incorruptible leadership and had thus requested the Internal Revenue Service to furnish him with certified true copies of his income tax returns and that this would be made available to the public when he gets the document.

He disclosed that he had also asked the Auditor-General to provide certified true copies of the assets report that he filed as a Minister of State and Member of Parliament and his party’s National Treasurer was working to provide the public the PPP’s financial report that would include the sources of funding for national campaign.

He said PPP was a purposeful, positive and peaceful entity, saying, “Ï am happy that in this short period the party has attracted the right people for the right image”.

He said “there is a silent majority who are supportive of this party and we are very confident of our chances in this elections”.

“Whatever the outcome of results of the election, I would be proud of the PPP and the team it has built…And no matter the results of the elections, the PPP would keep the message of incorruptible leadership on the front burner”.