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Politics of Tuesday, 20 September 2016


PNC youth charge on Mornah

PNC Chairman, Bernard Mornah

A youth group of the People’s National Convention (PNC) are on the heels of their Chairman Bernard Mornah over claims that he took a car gift from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

They are, therefore, calling on the party’s presidential candidate Dr. Edward Mahama and the leadership of the party to suspend the party’s Chairman, Bernard Mornah with immediate effect.

According to the group, Mr. Mornah has admitted that he received a Toyota pick-up with registration number GR 8724-16 from Tony Lithur, a lawyer of the governing National Democratic Congress and that makes his position untenable in the PNC.

In a statement signed by Abdulai Yussif Seidu who claims to be secretary to the group said “the actions of Bernard Mornah is a complete betrayal of the trust the PNC placed on him to lead the party into the December elections,” adding “the party chairman has broken the sacred trust of PNC members and sympathizers, therefore, has lost respect in the eyes of the voting public.”

The group said there have been several allegations by party executives and members of Mr. Mornah allegedly using his position in the PNC to enrich himself saying “Mr. Bernard Mornah has lost credibility in the eyes of Ghanaians therefore is not fit to continue as Chairman of the PNC. The PNC ceases to be taken serious by Ghanaians if Mr. Bernard Mornah continues to represent us as the party’s chairman. He has lost all credibility thus his position has become untenable.”

According to the aggrieved youth, Mr. Mornah’s attacks on the DVLA for leaking the car transfer document to the media is flawed, saying “this is exposing his selfish greed to mortgage the PNC.”

“In any decent democracy, Bernard Mornah would have resigned his position as Chairman of a party seeking the highest office of the land rather than accusing the integrity of the DVLA for exposing his dishonesty.”

“We are hereby urging the party’s presidential candidate Dr. Edward Mahama and the entire leadership of the PNC to suspend Mr. Bernard Mornah with immediate effect or risk our defection from the party. We also entreat other members of the party to disengage from activities of the party until Mr. Bernard Mornah is suspended and monies and other logistics received on behalf of the party are retrieved from him.”

“Mr. Bernard Mornah’s countless misconducts and improprieties are clear conflict of interest that far exceeds threatening the chances of the PNC in the December elections.This unconscionable behavior of Mr. Bernard Mornah if left unchecked is a threat to Ghana’s democratic gains.The party cannot promise citizens transparency and accountable governance and watch unconcerned when Ghanaians are treated to the spectacle of willful deception by Mr.Mornah. For a party genuinely committed to serving the public interest, we cannot afford to excuse such ethical failures and unconscionable behavior of our executives,” the statement added.

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