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Politics of Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Source: United Love Party

Oil For Education And Health Care Reform

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Oil For Education And Health Care Reform


When politicians in Ghana need medical attention they fly overseas for the best medical care whilst surgery in Ghana is perfumed under flash lights and cell phone lights. Millions of uninsured Ghanaians are dying every day over preventable deaths. You walk in the emergency room and you are confronted with death instead of a doctor. President John Evans Atta Mills is the biggest deception in the history of Ghana politics. He is following the same foot prints as the former even though he is NDC and J. A kufour is NPP. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking about a collaborated evil forces to cover up high crimes and to deepen poverty in Ghana. THE PROBLEM WITH EDUCATION IN GHANA Statistics shows that fifty percent of graduate students are still uneducated in Ghana. Thanks to NPP and NDC strategic legacy. They pretended to help in education but rather made it worse. Ghanaians are learning under trees and huts today. School children must walk for miles to sit under a tree to learn. From preschool to the university level school children are being asked to learn on empty stomachs. Public school children are walking in and out for miles to school everyday. Today, Ghanaian public school children are almost illiterates. Ghanaian students are leaning how to be corrupt right from primary schools. Instead of concentrating on English, math and science, they find ways to cheat their way out of school. That’s Education in Ghana today. A corrupt leadership breeds corrupt institutions everywhere. OUR SOLUTION FOR HEALTH CARE Oil for Health Universal Health Coverage with revenue from the new found oil . Ramon Osei Akoto is guaranteeing access to affordable universal health care for every Ghanaian citizen. We must do this for our children. We will rid Malaria, Typhoid, Polio and Cholera in Ghana for good under Akoto’s oil for health plan. Akoto recognizes the need to extend life expectancy in Ghana to 80 years instead of the current 56 years. We will take proper diagnosis of all new born babies and start tackling their illnesses right from birth. Tele-Medicine in all communities Ramon Osei Akoto will extend telemedicine, the ability to provide interactive healthcare utilizing modern technology and telecommunications to every community in Ghana. Telemedicine allows patients to visit with physicians live over video for immediate care or capture video/still images and patient data are stored and sent to physicians for diagnosis and follow-up treatment at a later time. Whether you live in the center of Bia or Bole Akoto knows that telemedicine will be an invaluable tool in Healthcare for Ghanaians. Ramon Osei Akoto will empower clinics with immediate access to a vast amount of medical experts, healthcare education-information, and support from other physicians all over the world. Akoto is ready to engage in a battle to provide the kind of health care Ghana owes its people. We reaffirm our commitment to take concrete, specific, realistic steps to move toward the day when every Ghanaian has universal prescription drug and affordable health coverage like people in America, France and Germany. And we will not rest until the job is done.

OUR SOLUTION FOR EDUCATION Oil for Education. Ramon Osei Akoto will make Ghana’s education the best in the world. He is saying every child must have a robust laptop and every community and school must be connected to the internet. This is why Akoto has led the way to create Helloworld. Helloworld is a computer software that teaches mathematics, English, science, ICT etc. For preschool, primary all the way to the university level. Helloworld is a virtual teacher for Ghanaian students. Helloworld will bridge the gap between the rich and poor students in Ghana.

We will recruit an army of new ICT skilled teachers and develop innovative ways to reward teachers who are doing a great job, and we will make sure there is no child left behind. Ramon Osei Akoto’s administration will ensure every child the highest quality education in the world. Akoto knows that if Ghana is to become strong and competitive in today's economy, then we must be a power house in education. By the end of Akoto’s first term in office, the success stories that will come from public schools will be greater than at any time in our history: higher graduation rates, increasing test scores, and higher student achievement - with especially substantial gains among our neediest students.

The best investment any compassionate president can do to help the people of Ghana is Oil for education and health. Akoto stand ready to fight for oil for education and health. We must do this for our children.

Thank you Ramon Osei Akoto

Founder United Love Party